The humble Farmer Maine Bed and Breakfast is closed and will not open. We are old and are now unable to take guests. Sorry.
Thank you for looking at this page. Your hot water and electricity are provided by the Sun


The humble Farmer Bed & Breakfast

Charge your electric car with our Siemens VersiCharge Gen 2 30Amp Electric Vehicle Charger.

We open around May 1, if the snow is gone, and close around October 15 when you can usually still get around without tire chains.

You can easily find us. There is only one road in St. George (Route 131), it dead-ends 9 miles down the road from us in Port Clyde where Tom Hanks ran off the edge of the continent in Forrest Gump. We are on Route 131 --- on the left 5 miles down from Thomaston.

You can also easily find us by simply asking Google, "Hey Google. Where is The humble Farmer?" And the ignorant machine will give you our physical address: 785 River Road, St. George, Maine 04860.

You know that, depending on the booking engine, you can sometimes eliminate fees and commissions by booking direct. It costs nothing to call humble and chat. Or email the date you want and ask for price and availablity.

(207) 226-7442

Your Midcoast Maine Bed & Breakfast headquarters for:

The World of Andrew Wyeth

The Wyeth Center

The Maine Lobster Festival July 31 --- August 4, 2019

17th Annual Maine Boat & Home Show, August 9-11, 2019

The Monhegan Boat

Marshall Point Lighthouse and Museum

Morse's Sauerkraut

Your friend's wedding

The North Atlantic Blues Festival.-- July 11 & 12, 2020

Disinherited by your wife's father?

Give him a gift certificate to The humble Farmer Bed & Breakfast.

Surprise your spouse with a gift certificate to

The humble Farmer Bed & Breakfast.

It will be an anniversary you'll never forget when she's expecting islands in the Carribean and you bring her to the coast of Maine.

Le nostre porte saranno sempre aperte per voi


Remember that story you heard when you were a kid --- the one about the beautiful princess who would shriek at the sight of a speck of dust?

I married her, and she's now running The humble Farmer Bed and Breakfast in St. George, Maine.

The wheel was invented when man needed to transport material over a great distance.

Fire was first utilized when man moved north out of Africa and needed to keep warm at night.

Bills evolved when Maine inn keepers started charging people from Massachusetts so much that they couldn’t look them in the eye when it came time to squaring accounts.

Please bring cash or a check. We're a 6 cow outfit this year and don't take credit cards.

And now would be as good a time as any to mention that if you smoke you don't have money enough to rent a room here. Smoking is forbidden inside the house and on every inch of the 75 acres outside that I own. It's bad enough when someone who is smoking drives by in a car. I don't need the grief of renting to a person who smokes. If you smoke, please don't ask to stay here.

The humble Farmer lights the candles on his 80th birthday cake

Next year he will need a burning permit from the fire deparment.

Stephen J. Hemenway, producer of The Slouch in the Couch TV show, on left.

Marsha and humble August 3, 2015

September 6, 2017

Here is what guests who stayed here in the summer of 2017 were kind enough to say:

• Breakfast of eggs, bacon, and a fresh fruit variety was more than I expected

• • Robert made extra effort to make sure my handicapped husband was comfortable and help me connect with long lost friends

• • It's clean, easy to find, and wonderful hosts

• • We just loved the owners who opened their home to us as if we were family

• • Humble Farmer embodied the quiet nature of Maine that we sought in our travels

• • Our hosts were helpful, engaging and interesting

• • Hosts, lots of art and antiques

• • Their place has a relaxed, homey and fun atmosphere

• • feel at home with grand ma and grand pa

• • It was like staying with the grandparents

Marsha and Bed and Breakfast Friends

Charging your electric car is just part of the package. South wall in Executive Suite.

June 13, 2007

I have to say, I have never laughed so hard--or laughed at all, for that matter--in all my internet research for Maine B&B's as when I read your website! So now I must inquire...

What dates do you have available the week of August 12-17? It would be me and my wife.

Thank you!

M. E.

West Newton, MA

At The humble Farmer Bed and Breakfast, your electricity is freshly generated every day by the sun. --- Not that shopworn stale stuff that you buy from the power companies.

Charge your electric car with our Siemens VersiCharge Gen 2 30Amp Electric Vehicle Charger.


Your pet is welcome in this home as long as it is freshly wrapped in packages and ready for our freezer.


At The humble Farmer Bed and Breakfast, your water is heated by the sun.

You know that, depending on the booking engine, you can sometimes eliminate fees and commissions by booking direct.
It costs nothing to call humble and chat. Or email the date you want and ask for price and availablity.

(207) 226-7442


Even though you told everyone that you were going on vacation and leave your troubles behind, they know that you packed your laptop. I know it, too, which is why we have a wireless router that will run your computer out there in your room on your desk.


[October 12, 2007] We had such a lovely time in Maine this past summer. Your home is so inviting and comfortable.... You both truly out did yourselves with the many delicious morning meals for my family and the entertainment, Robert! I have never felt so welcome in an Inn before until I met the two of you and stayed at Humbles.

Holly and Scott

To check out availability for your visit please call


Or email the date you have in mind:

Dear Robert & Marsha - I'm so very glad I turned into your driveway last week! The comfort, food and conviviality exceeded expectations of any B&B stay. Very memorable. Thanks so much... All best wishes, see you again. Mary Cook


There is nothing for little kids to do here --- unless they want to drive the Model T.


Hi humble. Laurel and I would like to open your 2005 B&B season. Having done so two years in a row, we thought it would be fun to again. Walt


Speaking of exceeding expectations, my good friend Julian Rubenstein and I were soaking up some April sunshine in the new B&B room on back of the house, when he asked me what Marsha served our guests for breakfast. I said, "Fresh fruit, melon, eggs any way you want them, sausages and bacon, pancakes, real rich-kid syrup, milk, several kinds of fruit juice, choice of several kinds of dry cereal or rolled oats, choice of several kinds of flavored coffee, freshly baked blueberry muffins, several kinds of..." Julian said, "You ought to do all right as long as you don't have too many guests."


“ A unique stop off on Port Clyde cape near Rockland ”

Jul 04, 2010, 7:30 PM

For a number of reasons I was not allowed to post a lodging review of the Humble Farmer B&B on Trip Advisor. The available number or rooms, etc are valid reasons, but we stumbled upon this place run by two really great people and it is important to me that I tell folks about it. I also have a reason to encourage business for this place, and that is, that I bought my stay for a pittance from "Bidding for Good" auction site. My husband and I really enjoyed our 2 night stay with Humble and his lovely wife Marsha and wanted to repay them for donating to the Penobscot Chamber of Commerce last year. Robert (Humble) is a Maine native with a number of eclectic talents and skills, and Marsha, a retired elementary school teacher has the skill necessary to deal with Robert. She is a great cook as well with home baked goodies, etc....

Small farm basically woods and fruit trees. Beautiful rhubarb when we were there, and cattle. Lots of old cars in the garage and out front advertising the place. It is best to look at Bob's The Humble Farmer B&B website before booking a stay. I knew that my husband would enjoy Robert's humor and he did. I'll try to get some pictures of ours attached but the web site tells the story.

The B&B is an attraction in itself more than a B&B. Great people, great location near Rockland, and other points of interest. Near a couple of good restaurants. They have 3 rooms, but usually rent only the large windowed one overlooking the orchards. Private bath of course and a queen [not true I discovered tonight] and twin bed. Wyeth's prints on the walls as well as originals by family members. Nothing to do there for kids however but room in a couple of upstairs rooms if necessary.


Let's hold it right there. This post by Anne in 2010 has been deceiving people for 9 years now. On May 12, 2019 Joe writes: "I would have a problem with a six foot bed as I am 6'1" tall. I thought it said on your website that the executive suite had a queen size bed. Joe"

I wouldn't know a queen sized bed if I saw one. I don't know how many square feet there are in this house. These are things that I've never needed to know. I Googled and learned that for nine years we've been selling a 6-foot bed for one that is six-foot eight. This week for seven days we have a man in there who says he is one meter 85, which I think is a bit shy of 6-foot one, and he hasn't said anything about being uncomfortable. OK, he is bald. Because most every bed in this house is over 100 years old, we're going to have to confine ourselves to catering to little people like me (5-7) who can sleep on a six-foot mattress. Sorry about that, you real people.

Another thing I just noticed about Anne's letter is that she said we had Wyeth prints in each room. She didn't mention that they are all signed by the artists.


While we were there we visited the local church where an extraordinary classical guitarist gave a great concert. Name? Got to find the disc and give the man credit. During the rainy day we went to Farnsworth Museums, the Wyeth annex featuring items from the Wyeth's personal collections at present, and the Olson House (Christina's world). We also had a good "German Meal" at the Happy Clam four miles up [down] the road. They really should emphasize the German entrees. Seafood, albeit great , is everywhere and so is Italian, but German? A treat for me. Another place I could not add to my reviews unfortunately. Of course a light house, which was in the Gump movie I am told. Despite all the attractions one gets a feeling that they are really seeing Maine. We go to Maine because we have grandchildren there and since they are in Bar Harbor, this was a refreshing change. I recommend it for those of you who love art, and have a corny sense of humor. Can accommodate children but not much for them to do if the cows are not around, but B&B's are not really designed for the kids are they?

Posted on the Trip Advisor website below by Anne Paola

Trip Advisor, posted by Anne Paola

Because many people ask about the food, here's a testimonial about your breakfast:

Vladimere Petroski

Our front yard looks just like any other, so unless you watch closely you're likely to drive right by without seeing our place.

June 18, 2010 Sydney driving the 1919 Model T Ford
Photo by Tamar

Marsha and humble June, 2010

"Best wishes to you & your wife, and may you continue to bring joy to others." Shryle in Blanco, Texas

Marsha and humble on September 30, 2007.

Marsha and her two helpers mowing the lawn August 22, 2010.

Inviting You and Other New Friends into Our Home is a Serious Business

But, hey, I figure if Grant would Robert could.

Portrait by Sandra Mason Dickson
(Who is capable of similiar machinations for you: 207-372-6687)

Good news for pet owners: Your pet is welcome here --- as long as it is a horse or cow.

You might want to check out the back lawn that you get with the room at no extra charge. Your very own private back lawn consists of 70 plus acres of fields and woods that end up at a babbling brook that runs down into the salt water of Long Cove so you'd better leave a trail of bread crumbs if you plan to be home by dark.

Last summer we had two three-year-old friends out back who contributed to our pastoral ambiance by mooing and grazing in the assigned areas. We do not talk about the inevitable "Eat Your Pet Week" which is celebrated all over the state of Maine the last Thursday in November.

If you smoke, you are welcome --- to stay somewhere else.

Tobacco chewers who don't drool are welcome, however, until I hear of someone dying from second-hand chew.

Children with well-behaved parents are given serious consideration.

At The humble Farmer's Bed & Breakfast there are no unpleasant surprises.

Here's the kind of background I would find interesting if you invited me to stay with you in your home:

Our big old yellow house was built on May 11, 1811. That's the day Hezakiah Prince wrote in his diary that he helped frame it up. My great-great-great-grandfather, Samuel Gilchrest, who, with George Washington and other insurgents, fought unwanted imperialists at the Battle of Harlem, warmed his toes by the fire in this house. Over 100 years ago Larkin Gilchrest, a cousin to my great-grandfather, lived here. In 1970 I bought the house and everything in it from Lark's granddaughter, so I've been sitting in Lark's captain's chair and eating at his table for 48 years.

It was 30 years ago that Marsha moved in and turned an old bachelor's wretched mess into a home.

Here's a Review of The humble Farmer B&B, copied without permission from the winter 2004 edition of Dr. Rick Churchill's People, Places, Plants magazine, New England & Upstate N. Y. Edition. It is a sidebar on Dr. Rick's article on Monhegan.

Your friends who have stayed here have probably already told your about our well-groomed grounds.
Photo by Roland Watier, Founder of The Golden Raven Storytelling Circle of Maine.

June 30, 2004. Here's the kind of information that, in my inexperience, I didn't realize was necessary for a 2-room Bed and Breakfast, but obviously is. My thanks to my good and valuable friend Shari at the Rockland Chamber of Commerce for calling it to my attention.

hi Bob

I went onto your web site and there is some information that is not there that I will need for the area guide chart and our web site.

Do you accept credit cards?

No. We tried, but discovered that taking credit cards is a tremendous and unnecessary expense for a three room Bed & Breakfast.

Every month the bank billed me for the service, we only had one person ask to pay with a credit card for our entire first season, I wasn't clever enough to figure out how to work the machine, and, as I recall, it then cost me something like $300 just to get that blood-sucking American Express bank to cancel the service.

Wheelchair access?

No. But we now have a chair lift for the second floor. And for three years or so I pushed a wheelchair up a rather substantial ramp outside. I made it out of the old town dock that I dragged home from the dump, but when my buddy Bill didn't need it any more I hooked onto it with my tractor and hauled it out back. However, if someone would give us a couple day's notice, I could haul it back. Those who sit in wheelchairs and those of us who have pushed them realize how important ramps are.

Air Conditioning?

That's a joke in St. George, Maine, isn't it? When friends from away call and ask if we have an air conditioner I laugh, because there is hardly a day in July and August when I do not wear my snowmobile suit. (Keep going and you'll see a picture of me in snowmobile suit and sweater.) All last August I had a big "Heated Room" sign out front.

The mean temperature for July and August in St. George, Maine is 64 degrees. Our average high for July and August is 71.5 degrees. Our average low for July and August is 57 degrees.

Although you can't see the water because of the forest that we haven't been able to keep back since we got rid of our cattle and horses 100 years ago, the frigid water of Cutler Cove is only about 1,000 feet from us on the southwest, and Long Cove, the eastern boundary of our farm, is only about 5,000 feet from us on the east. On any hot, sticky Thomaston July day when you drive down toward us on Route 131, just about the time you pass Harjula's Dairy, you will feel a blast of cold air.

St. George weather for the next 10 days 

Our weather forecast for July 5, 2004 calls for a high temperature of 67 degrees and a low of 52.

Our weather forecast for July 5, 2009 calls for a high temperature of 66 degrees and a low of 57.

Our weather forecast for July 5, 2015 calls for a high temperature of 72 degrees with showers and a low of 56.

By now the perceptive reader has ascertained that an air conditioner at The humble Farmer Bed & Breakfast is just about as useful as a credit card machine.

Yes, there are extra warm blankets in the closet.

Sorry, the only electric blanket is still on our bed.


No. It was torn out around 1854, but the original 1811 mantle is still stuck to the living room wall.

TV in room?

Si! Por su puesto.

We have abandoned tradional television and have moved up to ROKU. Watch what you want on TED, Netfliks or YouTube.

Telephone nearby?

(Yes, we have Ooma, so, as long as you don't chat with your mistress in California for two hours, we even encourage friends to use the phone. Cell phones might not work here.)

Is there a common room with TV or Telephone available for a guest to use?


Our downstairs B&B room is a recent attachment to the back of the house. It is accessed by a private back door. It is simply a private apartment.

You should know that our friends Lawrence Foldes and Victoria Myerink lived with us for several weeks in the summer of 2005. They were opening their Maine made movie Finding Home and our home was their base of operations from where they made hundreds of phone calls. They used our phone because Larry could only get his cell phone to work by lying on the floor in the northwest corner of the northwest upstairs bedroom.

When one steps from the new back room into the main house one enters what could be called a common room with a TV and telephone.

Friends reading this for the first time might realize by now that Marsha and I offer not just a comfortable, homey room with a great breakfast, but an unforgettable cultural experience.


These are the types of testimonials I really would like to post here, but don't dare:

"humble's bed was even more comfortable than the one provided for me at the Chateau D'If." Edmond Dantes

"How I wish I could get away just long enough to eat one of Marsha's blueberry muffins." Paul Manafort


Please bring cash or a check. We're a 6 cow outfit this year and don't take credit cards.

Our season runs from May first until the end of October.

You'll love our El Cheapo Maine Coast Rates. I used to post them, but now, with the booking engines that innundate us with new friends, I've had to adjust the prices to accommontate supply and demand.

That makes sense, doesn't it? If nobody wants what you have, you can't even give it away.

It's usually only $10 more for the "Executive Suite": first floor new back room with the private entrance, private bathroom with shower. Unless I make a mistake in posting, the two upstairs bedrooms are $10 less than downstairs. The upstairs front room has two single beds. The upstairs back room has one double bed. Friends in the upstairs rooms share the bathroom which has an antique tub with claw feet for legs. Again I must stress --- no shower with the upstairs bedrooms. Only an antique bathtub.

Please know that we are required to collect a 9% tax on the total for the state of Maine.

One booking engine collects the state tax and the fee from the guest and simply deposits whatever they think we deserve of it in our checking account. With this engine the host does better and the guest pays more.

The engine which sends us most of our business lets us collect the rent and sends us a bill for their services at the end of each month. With this engine the guest does better and the host pays more. Most innkeepers would like you to call or email them directly. It costs you nothing to ask.

Please bring cash or a check. We're a 5 cow outfit and don't take credit cards.

Please bring cash or a check. We're a 5 cow outfit this year and don't take credit cards.

OK. You already know that.

The front upstairs room has two twin beds and the back upstairs bedroom has a double bed. I guess I already said that.

Maine Lobster Festival--- the 72nd annual Maine Lobster Festival, July 31 - August 4, 2019 

North Atlantic Blues Festival: July 13-14, 2019 

What makes The humble Farmer Bed & Breakfast unlike any other B&B on the coast of Maine?

Not a single thing. Same fog. Same blackflies.

Here's Marsha, your hostess, on a day when she was feeling mean and ugly. Everything is relative.

Marsha at home.

July 4, 2003. Shine in Miami writes:

Renee and I stayed at the Humble Farm from June 20-27. It was warm and cozy. We were very comfortable and relaxed. Robert and Marsha treated us like family (except without the arguments). We especially enjoyed the large back area and woods.

Marsha made anything we wanted for breakfast, unlike other B&Bs where the breakfast is the same old every day. Although the farm is away from the hustle and bustle of typical B&Bs in tourist areas, it is only a short drive to Tenants Harbor, Port Clyde, Rockland and other places of interest. Like Arnold Schwartzenegger said,"I'll be back".


In a picture in that book you might recognize the clothes pole, the apple tree and the old car in the barn.
You never forget anything, do you? You saw them all in a Stephen Muskie photo of me sitting on the hood of my 1974 Mercedes. Yes, it was published in Yankee magazine back around 1988, and since then you've seen it in this clever little book by Edgar Allen Beem. Art of the State: Maine 

You'll have to wait until you get here before I tell you how a well-known psychiatrist explained what she called "symbolism" in that picture.

You can read about The humble Farmer in Charlie Wing's entertaining book, Salt In Their Veins . I'm proud to be right next to the chapter on Alvah Moody, who made me hundreds of hot turkey sandwiches at his Moody's Diner.

If that doesn't excite you, how about this book by Steven Bither and Tim Sample? Maine Curiosities Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities, And Other Offbeat Stuff, Third Edition.  humble warrants a chapter in that book, too, although you wouldn't know why from the title.

And then there is The humble Farmer's very own Chicken Poop For The Soil.

From time to time Someone Has to savor the entire Maine experience. Yes, The humble Farmer Bed and Breakfast can accommodate you.

Between the garage and the tool shed, you will notice a tiny building. When I bought this farm, the only running water in the house went to the kitchen sink, and the tiny building was a vital, integral component of every day life on this farm.

The edifice has been painstakingly restored to mint condition, and it now rests there, crying out for you. Please compare these features with the one you have at home --- hook to hold the door open so you can see to read, lace curtains, shelf to hold your lamp or candle, and on the floor --- an orange shag carpet, where you can wiggle your toes and think of your friends back in the office.

Imagine yourself, if you will, coffee cup in hand, walking out here on lush, green, organically fertilized grass, unconsciously aware of the subtle drone of bees, as a redolent summer breeze burns off the ubiquitous Maine morning fog.

For years you've studied the ratty old Maine doors in Andy Wyeth's paintings and you've wondered how he gets them to look so grimy and wretched. When you hang your clothes in this closet you will realize that he simply paints what he sees.

Canadian professional "Photographer of the Year" Janice Lang won first prize for this picture of our back door. It is the entrance to our library. You will recognize the two white wooden things hanging on the wall as sticks that you use to poke your wash as it boils on the stove. Visitors have to ring the bell long and hard or just walk in, because I'm deaf. Over 100 years ago this room was the summer kitchen where Larkin's wife, Abby, fried greasy pork chops, so the ceiling beams are black. Andy Wyeth never painted anything but what one of his art-loving fans would steal it, so we are grateful he never saw our bell or our door.

OK, you're right. A bit of advertising overkill with the life-sized plywood caricatures of humble out here by the road. But we only use them on special days when I'm doing a stage show at some nearby place, like out at the grange hall.

Usually there's nothing out front but my 1919 Model T with an 8 foot sign on it.

One of the most breathtaking experiences imaginable is watching a full moon come up behind a Maine henhouse on one of those balmy Maine evenings in July when the temperature is right up there around 48, 49 degrees...

There are 80 or more acres of woods out back for you to tromp around on as if they were your very own. We're talking wilderness here. You never heard of a guest at a Camden or Ogunquit B&B being advised to leave a trail of bread crumbs.

I saw fresh moose tracks out there last fall. Big moose tracks. The back of our farm is on Long Cove, so, if you don't mind the black flies, and aren't scared of moose, coyotes or rutting woodchucks, you can walk a mile or so back until you come to the salt water.

If all this this sounds good to you, you must be from away.

When Marsha & I travel, the price is the bottom line. We are not interested in pool, gym, continental breakfast, view, location or any of the dozens of other advertised free extras (which you do pay for). The only thing we want is the lowest possible price for a room that doesn't stink of stale smoke, and where fresh smoke doesn't leak in through the walls.

True, sometimes we wish we'd paid a bit more....

because here's what greeted us at the front desk of the lovely Westwinds Inn in Key West where we stayed in February.

"Westwinds a classical community Inn" it says in the colorful brochure. The Key West folks already had our money. Which reminds me, your convenient parking space is included in our price.


From time to time we are sounded out by cosmopolitans who write timid letters of inquiry like this:

Beste bescheiden boer,

Wij gaan van de zomer op bezoek bij Abbie en Mike McMillen. In de e-mail communicatie over het hoe en wanneer van ons bezoek wees Abbie ons op het bestaan van een zeer kleurrijke figuur in Maine. Deze persoon schrijft op zijn web-site dat Nederlanders liever hun polsen doorsnijden dan in hun moedertaal te communiceren met buitenlanders. Dit had Abbie niet van ons verwacht (ondanks het feit dat wij tot nog toe geen woord Nederlands tegen haar gesproken hebben). Zij vroeg ons dan ook hoeveel waarheid verborgen lag in deze uitspraak. Met deze mail aan u, beste Robert, proberen wij de genoemde uitspraak wat te verzachten. Wij kunnen u in ieder geval verzekeren van het feit dat wij als Nederlanders geen voorliefde hebben voor zelf-mutilatie. Wel is het zo dat wij in het algemeen niet het geduld kunnen opbrengen om te wachten op een buitenlander die zoekt naar de spaarzame woordjes Nederlands die hij kent terwijl wij vaak redelijk welbespraakt zijn in het Engels (eigenlijk best wel arrogant, nietwaar). Echter wanneer een buitenlander aangeeft dat hij graag Nederlands wil spreken, dan zijn wij zeker niet te beroerd om aan dit verzoek te voldoen! Kortom wij zouden graag eens komen bewijzen dat uw uitspraak over Nederlanders op uw web-site niet algemeen geldig is (hoewel de web-site spreekt van Amsterdammers en dat is natuurlijk wel een volkje apart; NB: wij zijn geen Amsterdammers, wij komen uit Eindhoven).

Maar goed, dan het praktische aspect, hoe zo’n ontmoeting te regelen? Wij hebben natuurlijk een prima plaats om te logeren (bij Mike en Abbie), dus een overnachting in de B&B is helaas nu niet aan de orde. Abbie suggereerde dat wij elkaar welicht konden ontmoeten voor avondeten in de B&B. Echter op de web-pagina van de B&B wordt niet gesproken over een restaurant bij de B&B. Is de webpagina hier niet volledig of is Abbie in de war? Wellicht reiken Marsha’s kookkunsten verder dan het ontbijt! Het zou ons in ieder geval plezieren om aan te tonen dat niet alle Nederlanders te weinig geduld hebben om in hun moedertaal te spreken met buitenlanders. Daarom de vraag: is het mogelijk om tijdens onze trip van Boston naar Maine op maandag 23 Augustus (dat is de huidige planning) een ontmoeting te regelen? Graag horen wij van u wat de mogelijkheden zijn. Met vriendelijke groeten,

Robert Cullen & Chantal Woltring


And here is Rainer H. Elting

who, one fine afternoon in July of 2006, drove in the dooryard looking for a Bed & Breakfast, came in, sat down at the piano, and played Bill Evans for 4 hours. When Marsha finally got him to stop long enough to eat, he and his wife Sabine stayed for 3 days. We have since visited them in Frankfurt. So, here, on .wmv for your edification, is Rainer H. Elting, extolling the benefits of The humble Farmer Bed & Breakfast auf Deutsch.

Rainer H. Elting


Click Here and Learn How to Speak German


Urlaub in Traum Ferienwohnungen

Bellmundo -- Ferien in Maine --- A B&B locator for Germans


Qui è il sig. Massimo Santoro da Carnate, Italia chi ha guidato nel dooryard che cerca una base & una prima colazione, extolling i benefici della base & della prima colazione humble del coltivatore in italiano.

Massimo Santoro da Carnate, Italia


We Can Always Make Room. Peter Nytomt from Sverige, and now Argyle, TX


Here is Bradley Hendershot, an artist friend from Chadds Ford and Monhegan, painting verbal portraits.

Bradley Hendershot


From time to time we have such a famous guest that he wishes to remain anonymous.

But, when Vladimere Petroski, who, as you know, plans to clean house at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 with his titillating "Nudes on Sandy Monhegan Beach" documentary --- well, when he sat at our breakfast table across from that noted artist from Chadd's Ford, Bradley Hendershot, I prevailed upon him to say a few words just for you. Please do not copy this video, as Signore Petroski came to St. George to escape not only the paparazzi but the mamarazzi.

Vladimere Petroski


Here's humble and Marsha with the Sergi Garcia Roig family from Barcelona. They claimed the discount by speaking Spanish.

Solo unas palabras desde Barcelona (España) con una foto de nuestra agradable y calida estancia en vuestra "granja". Ha sido una de las experiencias mas comentadas a nuestros amigos y familia, por lo que a lo mejor habrá muchos españoles que querran ir a Maine.

Warmest Regards,


Sergi Garcia Roig

The name of the children are Victor, Paula (with glasses) & Cristina (driving) and Clara [the abogado & madre].

The e-mail was written in Spanish that is the same as Castillian. Best regards,


Sergio and Clara sent Victor to live with us for the entire month of July, 2006. They knew that I would be able to help Victor learn to speak perfect English.

En/Na humble ha escrit:

Here are Doris & Rolf just after we finished riding in the Lobster Festival Parade in Rockland, August 5, 2005.

Doris writes:
Wenn man reist, weiss man nie was einen hinter der naechsten Ecke erwartet. Aber wenn Du “the humble Farmer” liest, weisst Du, dass eine Ueberraschung auf Dich wartet. Uebernachtung und Fruehstueck waren super, aber vor allem danke, Marsha und Robert, fuer Eure Gesellschaft, fuer die Gespraeche und fuer Eure Gastfreundschaft.

Urlaub in Traum Ferienwohnungen

And here is Martin Nicholson from England whose hobby is driving a monster tractor in tractor pulling competitions all over Europe.

"Recommended to anyone who wants to move into somebody’s home and become part of the family. We loaded the dishwasher and even pushed the Model T when it ran out of gas.

Witnessing a humble Maine farmer struggle to understand a humble digger driver from England has been a cross cultural experience.

One of the luckiest stops we made. We will long remember your friendship and hospitality.

Warning: Allow plenty of time for this stop."

Martin Nicholson
& Cyndie Gould
Wayside Cottage
Ewhurst Road
Peaslake, Guildford, Surrey, England

On September 16, 1776 an Englishman shot my great-great-great grandfather in the stomach, but I assured Martin that we don't even think about it any more and that he was welcome in our home.

Jon and Lisa, friends from far away Wisconsin, discovered us through this web page.

Jon says the picture of the cat got his attention.

Here Jon demonstrates how Wisconsin people suck the juice out of a lobster claw so as not to waste a bit.

Jon took this picture of me and Marsha sitting down.


I hope this message finds you well.

I couldn't find the words to describe what a wonderful experience Andrea and I had with you and Marsha at the Humble Farmer Bed and Breakfast.

The great stories, great food and great company can't be beat.

Thank you for allowing us to drive your 1919 Model T truck, as well!

We both had a wonderful time and would recommend you highly.

We look forward to staying with you again soon.

Thank you and best regards,


Stewart J. Foley, CFA

Farmington, CT 06032


Rich and Lucy Gavin came all the way from Chicago. They stayed with us three different times this summer --- three days each visit.

Lucy looks happy in this picture but when I gave her the final bill she said she was going to cry. When was the last time you got a bill like that?

Nancy had to be coaxed to eat fresh blueberries.

But humble doesn't have to be coaxed to eat anything.

We accommodate the handicapped. A neighbor gave Marsha a stair chair this summer.

The inscription on this erection says, "St. George, Maine --- Center of the Universe."

August 10, 2007 Steve Williams Photo

On our front lawn you will see a 16-foot granite obelisk. On the top is a 5-foot steel monkey blowing a chrome bugle. I put it there to make it easier for you to find our Bed & Breakfast. If the monkey is not blowing a bugle, you have stopped at the wrong house.

If you see me standing by the monument in the picture below, you have taken a wrong turn and are in Grebbestad, Sweden.

But --- is there a down side to The humble Farmer Bed & Breakfast? Yes, there is. Marsha told me that if I were planning to invite friends to visit, I'd better learn how to make beds with hospital corners.

You know that, depending on the booking engine, you can sometimes eliminate fees and commissions by booking direct.
It costs nothing to call humble and chat. Or email the date you want and ask for price and availablity.

(207) 226-7442

Also. Something that I don't want to talk about but it has to be said. We've had people who rented a room upstairs, but because, besides being handicapped and only able to walk with a cane, they weighed 250 or 350 pounds so they could not ride on Marsha's stair chair. And they could not sqeeze by it. So we had to beg the person in the downstairs room if they would change rooms with them. I'm sorry that this happens, but it does. So if you think there is a chance that you can't get by the stair chair or if you are so large you think you'd crush it, please don't book one of our upstairs rooms. Please, for your own safety and comfort, book the downstairs room because there is no way you can safely get up the stairs.

humble gets ready to do the supper dishes as Marsha's friend warms her hands over the stove.

She was cold because she had been living on a boat for a long time.

She had been living on a boat for perhaps too long a time.

We recommend that people who live on boats for a long time spend some time ashore before visiting us.

A month later when we visited Marsha's friend in Mount Dora, Florida, her hands were warmer. Probably because someone had returned her cat. And because I'm allergic to cats, Marsha and I stayed in Mount Dora's Grandview Bed & Breakfast with Mel Powell and Andy Mason. They know how to feed and the room was elegant. Mount Dora is a very nice town. Check it out. Small hills leading down to a lake. 20 or so years ago the Mount Dora newspaper ran my column.

Old and New Friends --- to check out availability at The All-New The humble Farmer Bed and Breakfast, please call us at 207-226-7442. It's an ideal spot to overnight so you can catch the 7 A. M. Port Clyde ferry --- the famous Laura B. --- to Monhegan.

In the other direction, we're only 12 miles from the Wyeth Center in Rockland

Going inland, we're only 28 minutes from Morse's Sauerkraut in North Waldoboro

and 20 minutes from Camden. Your email will generate a prompt response.

humble points out one of the unforgettable things you can expect to see on Monhegan. Bill Meisle photo.

If you carry one of those gismos that tell you where on the planet you are standing, if it says 114 feet above sea level ---
N 44.00.767'
W 69.11.857'
you are standing on our back steps.

The humble Farmer Bed and Breakfast --- look for a yellow house --- is on the eastern side of Route 131 1/4 mile south of the Spruce Head Road: (Route 73). 
Locate The humble Farmer Bed & Breakfast with this map

Notice that when you are heading south on Route 131, it curves to the right. If, when you are right abeam of where Route 73 goes off to the left, you don't turn your steering wheel for 1/4 of a mile, you will find that you have run right into our big old yellow house.

We hate to see you leave.


We think you'll find The humble Farmer Bed and Breakfast to be an unforgettable cultural experience and not just an inexpensive place to spend the night. We do expect you'll be back with all your friends.  


You know that, depending on the booking engine, you can sometimes eliminate fees and commissions by booking direct.
It costs nothing to call humble and chat. Or email the date you want and ask for price and availablity.

(207) 226-7442

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